42% More Likely To Quit Smoking By Using E Cigs

A recent survey in America has popped up some very interesting pieces of information and facts about vaping and how vaping fits into the task of those trying to quit smoking. The question is simple does it make it easier for people to quit the dreaded tobacco for good? According to the survey results, it would seem this actually is the case.

The study, in the US, was conducted by the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health of the University of California in San Diego. It encompassed a two-year period and explored how successful smokers were in quitting, either with or without the use of e-cigarettes.

The results made for some very interesting reading smokers have a 42% quit rate when they use electronic cigarettes to help them kick the habit. This is far better than using standard nicotine replacement therapy (12 times better, apparently). Ironically, despite the results of the survey, America views electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product. This means they are not viewed as a confirmed and recognised aid to help people stop smoking.

The study also found that a huge 85% of smokers had tried vaping the last time they attempted to quit smoking. People seem to try and quit more often with the help of electronic cigarettes than is the case with other replacement therapies that have already been approved.

This is all very encouraging, and it does beg the question why the American government is not considering introducing e-cigs into their approved range of nicotine replacement therapies.

What’s your opinion on this? Should the US government be more supportive to vapers?

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