Vape Café Culture

Vaping Cafés is the latest trend to take off in the world of coffee shops. For most smokers, or shall I say vapers, Vaping Cafés are a way to get around the No Smoking Law, however the whole point of introducing the current law’s on smoking, was to encourage people to lead healthier life styles by giving up smoking in the first place.

With vaping a proven way of kicking the dreaded cigarette habit, the next natural progression for this new social activity was the Café, just like the old Public House was to smokers. Same mentality just different type of beverage on offer. Like most trends, people with similar interests will always want somewhere to meet, a place they can call there’s. For vaping, that place is the Vaping Café.

What is believed to be London’s first e-cigarette coffee shop “The Vape Lab” opened in Shoreditch in 2014. A little while later “The Vaping Café” opened in Tunbridge Wells, and now vaping Cafés seem to be popping up in every town and city, the length and breadth of the country.

Although the trend is nationwide, London seems to be a hotbed for this new type of culture. With ‘House of Vapes’ Clapham in the South of London, to ‘Cloud Inc Vapes’ on West London’s trendy Portobello Road. But this culture is not just reserved for Londoner’s Cafés have opened in places you may not even of heard of, like ‘Nimbus’ in Bingley. Its spreading and it will only get bigger and bigger with time.

Surely this can only be a good thing, a place for like-minded individuals to relax, chat and enjoy their latest liquid, without the threat of some over zealous drunken yob spoiling the taste of your latte. I’m all for it…. lets be honest…its a perfectly harmless situation…a coffee, a slice of cake and a puff on your vape…!

How long will it be before we start to see Vaping Restaurants? Now there’s a thought.

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