Vaping Set To Soar In 2017

The number of smokers switching to vaping has considerably increased, and the vaping community became more organised. The popularity of vaping has grown staedily since 2014 but it it is looking more likely to rapidly soar this year, with growth expected to hit the $10 billion dollar mark during 2017.

What are the reasons for the huge increase? The price of vaping products can be marked up, for one, along with a growing number of smokers turning to vaping to kick the habit. Other reasons cited were the rebounding economy in the United States, along with unique and fun technology within the vaping industry.

2017 will also be the first year that e-liquid manufacturers and makers of vaping hardware would also have to comply to regulations. Failure to do so would deem those unregistered products as being misbranded, and through enforcement actions, manufacturers could face fines, seizures or injunctions. With products becoming more regulated, the revenues generated can be even more closely monitered.

There are those who want to see even tighter regulations and stricter enforcement of regulations, but one cannot help but think that the reason for that is far more personal to them, as opposed to looking at the broader picture and the health benefits of vaping.

So if vaping soars in 2017, as expected, lets hope it has a positive effect upon all of those involved in its growth…and dear I say, long may that growth continue.

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