E-Cig Explosions Explained

If e-cigarettes are going to be touted as a safer alternative to cigarettes, then a true investigation of the explosion incidents is needed.

Millions of people worldwide use e-cigarettes. They have become popular primarily with people who are looking to cut back or quit their use of regular cigarettes altogether. Since e-cigarettes are often related to a decision to live a healthier life, it begs the question in most people’s minds, “How safe are these new electronic devices?”

There are some questions which need to be answered when it comes to exploding cigarettes. It’s easy just to be swayed by the headlines that make them seem like ticking time bombs with an inevitable self-destruct mechanisms. However, if this were the case would millions of people still choose to vape?

The video below seems to tell it as it is and explains why many devices are exploding.



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